On genage

genage.me was registered on GoDaddy back in May of two thousand and eleven, when I was a high school sophomore. It was the time when my interest in web technology was revived by a set of factors. I toyed around several PHP scripts, mostly forum systems (vBulletin, SMF, and the like), when I was in my early teen-age years, ten, eleven years of age. Anything on the Internet gave me goosebumps, and my curiosity only grew larger and it helped my knowledge of all things behind the stage and how they work grow even larger, more than my curiosity at some time even. I passionately played with HTML.

The first time around, I had a forum that ran on a free host plan with a custom domain, either tr.gg or tr.cx. Then, I had a friend whom I met online. We published many things on that forum, Windows applications, tools among others. With him, I also ran my first tests on Visual Basic. Messing up with codes that we got from the Internet, we designed our own applications which we named after the forum, Webturka. Such were the times. Even though this constituted a large proportion of my life on the web back then, I was vehemently passionate about a computer game, The Sims 2.

My passion for the Sims is well good enough a topic to write another essay on it. But when it comes to my chosen nickname at the time as a kid, the Sims helped me become recognizable with my first nickname, genetiqci. As a fifth grader, I was fascinated with the working of genes and found out there was an engineering field that I fell for at the time. I decided this would be my job, which I now reckon only as a dream job of an ardent teen-ager. The Turkish word genetikçi roughly means “someone who deals wıth genes, whose job is to do with genes” or in other words, an engineer who works with genes. The K became Q as a stylistic choice of a Turkish teenager and we had the nickname genetiqci. It is important to note that the Turkish alphabet does not feature the letter Q, which makes its usage somewhat exotic for someone that young but only so much uncool and uneducated for the general public in the country. Signing up for a Turkish Sims forum, SimsTR, I used the nickname genetiqci. My online presence grew even larger as I became more and more active on SimsTR. But after three years sticking with this childhood nickname, I became hesitant to change it because it didn’t show my interests any more as I was not that interested in genetics and I settled on genage.

I started with the word ‘gen’ and found out that it also meant ‘information’ in British slang and added the ‘age’, hence genage. Genage meant ‘information age’ with regard to the general nomenclature surrounding the time period from twentieth century onward. Its pronunciation in English is /ˈdʒɛnɪdʒ/. And I also deployed the generic pronunciation of the nickname in Turkish after some time.

Overall, this nickname does not truly represent who I am but something that I cherish tremendously as a human being, the age we are all in and, in some measure, how I see it. For me, human advancement and progress are too valuable ideals and I live and devour on such thinking, they both make who I am and what I candidly support shine even though it is unbeknown to most.

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