My Passion for Snapchat

If you are in my close circle of friends, then you probably are familiar with the fact that I am an avid user of the messaging app Snapchat. It is also well-known through my actions and promotion of the app that I like Snapchat a lot. My behavior can even be considered militant as I push most people around me to use it. But the thing is I don’t like the app on its own, or just using it. I like the app for what it has got to offer: a better and personal way to connect and chat with friends. So, the thing is I like chatting with my friends and staying connected. And Snapchat offers the best option just for that. And you might be wondering, as most friends of mine often suggest, isn’t Instagram enough for you? Snapchat is, for some, dead and certainly of an age when we were still teen-agers. But hey, there is more to it.

As I said earlier, the thing with Snapchat is not the app itself, rather how it enables us to connect with each other. When I snap my friends, I see how they’re doing, what they are up to from a momentary selfie that shows everything as it is. And likewise, I send snaps that show how things are with me at a given time. No other messaging app provides the same comfort. The way messaging works on Snapchat is very unique, the app opens up into the camera, and when you swipe left, you have a whole list of friends you have recently sent messages or snaps to. This makes it feel like a real messaging app apart from being a social media platform. Then every friend has their Bitmoji character, if they created one. So do you. Another layer that adds personality to the app’s Friends window. When you send a message, it disappears immediately if not set otherwise. And you have a whole collection Bitmoji-based stickers of you and your friend, another factor that makes everything feel more personal. Then there are the emojis that appear next to a friend’s name, most noticebly the steak emoji that counts how many days you and your friend have snapped each other, it gives you the urge to snap that friend every day. These are all the messaging-app-likeliness of Snapchat. Snapchat has different features such as Stories and so on but those features do not affect my usage of the app at all. So, Instagram offers most features that Snapchat does, that are mentioned here but Instagram is a social media platform that has messaging features. Snapchat, on the other hand, is a messaging app that offers some social media features such as Stories.

Even though Instagram is the new shining star, it fails to fulfill Snapchat’s most core feature, the personal messaging that we experience. It has launched different apps throughout the years, the standalone messaging app, Direct which hasn’t gotten much attention. Then they launched a clone of Snapchat in some countries called Threads that lets you share pictures, text messages and location with friends. The apps rotate around Instagram’s Close Friends feature as you only see people that you have added to your Close Friends list on Instagram. These attempts by Instagram show us that Snapchat is far superior to Instagram when it comes to sending pictures that last only mere seconds.

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