About me

The internet is a wonderful thing. It has enabled all sorts of possibilities that were once unthinkable. You reading this is exactly that. You are learning about a curious man, in a way that was once unthinkable. The first thing about me, therefore, is that I love the internet. It lets us communicate and lets you know about me in a manner that was quite not possible before. So now you know, I adore the internet.

The first thing that I actually adore and love is us, human beings. I love anything human. No exaggeration. Anything that is human has, most likely, my affection for it. I love anything human. In a way, I am a humanist. But not in the sense of philosophical humanism or the quasi-religious secular humanism. I only happen to love all things human. That does not mean I love every human being. I just love any thing that is related to humanity. History, politics, languages…. Most humanities, I would say.

Even though I cannot love every human being, I highly think of every human condition, which is best expressed with this quote by Terence:

Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.

I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.

But wait, who are you?

I am a twenty-three year old grad school student from Turkey. I just finished my undergraduate studies and received a degree in Interpreting and Translation. My MA also is in Translation Studies. I have a thing for Translation Studies and writing. Essentially, I am a newly graduated interpreter who wishes to become an academic. That is pretty much what I’d like you to know about me. I also have had some considerable work experience in this field. But this place isn’t for that. Or just yet.

I, unfortunately,  do not have any hobbies. There are certain activities I definitely love but none of them can be described as  hobby. But there are a ton of small things that I love in life. The first is tea. I love drinking Turkish tea. Maybe you should, as well. And I love running. It relaxes me and, maybe, functions as some kind of a meditation for me. Plus, it is exercise and exercise is good both for your body and mental health. And I love my friends. More than any thing. I love my family, too. They’re fun.

And what is this place for?

I have many things to write about. So many things that I ponder on. Things that I want to share. Things that I am passionate about. So many things. And I love writing. Expressing what’s in my head. This place is exactly for that. It is a window into my thoughts and some of my experiences in life. I am planning to write about a wide range of topics but mostly about history, languages, politics and translation studies.