Turkish & Armenian

I was a huge Eurovision fan as a small kid. The first blogs I made on Azbuz.com, a Turkish blogging service that I used as a thirteen, fourteen year old for my mid-school class, featured posts with an embedded YouTube video of Sertab Erener performing at the forty-eighth Eurovision Song Contest in Riga, Latvia, which … Read moreTurkish & Armenian

Less time on IG

Childhood friends know well that I was a computer addict as a teen-ager. Friends who know me well that I’ve grown up to become a smartphone addict. The addiction per se has never been something about the device, it’s what the device connects to, the Internet. I’ve been a wholehearted addict of the Internet. Addiction … Read moreLess time on IG

Erasmus in a small German town

Being a sophomore, I was chasing my dream to study abroad, at least for two semesters. There are quite a number of different exchange programs that connect schools in various countries but for most university students in Europe, it is Erasmus, a phenomenon unto itself because it has been around for thirty years now. For … Read moreErasmus in a small German town