On genage

genage.me was registered on GoDaddy back in May of two thousand and eleven, when I was a high school sophomore. It was the time when my interest in web technology was revived by a set of factors. I toyed around several PHP scripts, mostly forum systems (vBulletin, SMF, and the like), when I was in […]

On Human Relations

I have always tried to find logical and reason-based explanations for natural phenomena as well as the not-so-observable phenomena for about all my philosophically conscious life time. The former has been relatively easy to find answers to. How a rainbow grows after rain, or how Sun’s atmosphere works can be explained easily by the laws […]

On Graduating

I am a man of habits, stability, and, maybe, random routines. It’s not that I hate change, I adore change in my life when I have full control over it, when I know how things in my life are going to take a new shape. If I’m not going to my favorite place for lunch, […]

Is Turkey A European Country?

Turkey has been a topic of various discussions, mostly because of the political situation in the country as well as its relation with the ongoing crises in the Middle East. Most people view Turkey as a Middle Eastern country, some say it is European. Technically, Turkey is a Eurasian country, as it has land both […]

Erasmus in a small German town

Being a sophomore, I was chasing my dream to study abroad, at least for two semesters. There are quite a number of different exchange programs that connect schools in various countries but for most university students in Europe, it is Erasmus, a phenomenon unto itself because it has been around for thirty years now. For […]